poems of the sea by Pablo Neruda


15.5 x 12 x 2”

A series of collage paintings, inspired by the Pacific Ocean and several visits to poet Pablo Neruda’s Isla Negra home in Chile, became the templates for pigment prints that were paired with 12 poems by Pablo Neruda that allude to the sea. In Spanish with English translations by Alastair Reid. Printed letterpress in Adobe Jenson, Arrighi, and Trajan on translucent handmade linen paper. The 12 triptych folios and hand-sewn booklet are gathered in an individually pulp-painted chemise, and placed in a handmade wood and cloth box.

Edition of 50, 10 copies remain

**a trade edition of On the Blue Shore of Silence was published by Harper Collins in 2004 in honor of Neruda’s Centennario. A companion book, Intimacies: Poems of Love by Pablo Neruda paired copper and watercolor nudes with a selection of love poems from Isla Negra and was published by Harper Collins in 2008.